Information Systems

 Analysis - Design - Implementation

Whether you are maintaining, updating or building a completely  new data center, we have the experience and expertise capable of  delivering cost effective, technologically sound business solutions  specifically designed to meet your company’s needs. 

Our team is a consortium of hand selected professional MIS  managers, DBAs, developers, web designers, and technical support  personnel who are focused on providing extraordinary results from your  managed information systems. We collaborate with you to create and  deliver exceptional results. 

We design and build innovative technology based solutions that  serve your business needs and enhance your company’s ability to profit  by providing efficient, cost effective, and easy-to-manage technical  solutions. 

Systems Analysis:
We review, analyze and assess your organization's current  business information system - including both manual and computerized  systems. This includes documenting what information is important to your  organization, designated decision makers and how this information is  organized and processed.  

Systems Design:

The blueprints for building the project are completed during the  systems design phase. Systems design is based on an analysis of the  company's processes and information systems. It may include redesigning  the flow of data through the organization or redefining the data that is  important to the company. Data analysis, process re-engineering,  prototyping, capacity planning, and hardware / software selection all  fall into the system design phase of a project.

Systems Development and Managed Services:
Development and Implementation are the nuts and bolts portion of a  project. This is where networks are bolted together and programs are  written, tested and documented. This is the portion of a project that  gets the most attention because it is the most active. A good project  will have a solid analysis and design that allows the implementation to  be completed quickly without unnecessary reengineering.  

We design,  install, maintain and support Microsoft NT, Unix, Linux, Novell, and wide area  networks that are low maintenance, stable, and secure so that you are  competitive in the global marketplace.

Website Design & E-Commerce:
In today’s fast paced world it’s easy for your website to feel out of  date – We  review your current site and based upon your unique needs,  refresh or if necessary, redesign your site in order to better serve  your business plan.

Web & IT Security:
Your IT System is exposed daily to potential attacks from  multiple sources both internally and externally. Your job as a key  decision maker is to assess your company’s risk tolerance while taking  prompt, strategic and cost effective actions to safeguard these precious  assets. 

Technical Support and Maintenance Services:
Once a system has been built, it needs to be maintained. Networks  are complex, servers go down, applications break, and accidents happen.  We are committed to the long-term support of your business systems and  offer a number of cost effective maintenance program options.

If one portion of a system or process is not working well, we can  pinpoint the problem and craft a solution to quickly solve the business  or technical problem. 

Contact Us If  you would like to discuss your company's requirements with one of our  experts or if you would  like any additional information regarding our  services.

 We dispel the myths and technical double-talk with straight forward and  practical answers to questions about everything from PC networking to  advanced server configuration. 

We specialize in designing systems that  are cost effective and easy to use while  providing your organization  with a safe & secure business infrastructure