Team Building

Today's business teams require more than basic team or project  management skills to excel. Today's teams require members who know and  apply an advanced set of communication, interpersonal and goal-focused  practices to their work.  Teams that elicit personal commitment, build  shared accountability for success, and generate consistent actions from  every team member can optimize business breakthroughs via the use of  highly skilled group performance.  

The Ament Resource Group provides training, coaching and  facilitation that creates powerful, effective teams in the workplace.  

With over 25 years of front-line experience managing, working with and  training teams, we specialize in transforming teams that are:   

  • Under pressure to adapt to accelerated or unforeseen company growth  
  • Needing re-direction and re-focus, following industry or company changes   
  • Struggling to succeed while draining precious company resources   
  • Consistently missing deadlines, costing time, money and profits  
  • Working with shifting or diminished resources   
  • Experiencing poor morale, excessive conflict or interpersonal dissension   
  • Performing below acceptable productivity standards

In addition, we are skilled in enhancing the productivity of  exceptional, highly functional teams; those that are performing well,  but choose more. This may include: greater partnership among team members or  taking on innovative, breakthrough, prototypical projects that clear the  way for extraordinary company results.         

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 "Teams that elicit personal commitment, build shared accountability for  success, and generate consistent actions from every team member can  optimize business breakthroughs via the use of highly skilled group  performance."