Executive Mentoring


Expanding your prior skill set to a heightened level and a new  perspective is why many successful people choose to work with a mentor. A  mentor is someone who guides you through challenging situations while  cultivating the greatness within.

In every career there comes a time when your current skills  no longer create the results you desire. This event often looks like: a  sudden promotion, being thrust into a leadership position, a challenging  associate, a personal life out of balance, or even a desired career  transition. 

It can be quite difficult to see all the options available  to oneself while in the middle of a challenging situation. In order to  successfully navigate these events what is required is a fresh, focused  and guided approach that assures a seamless continued success.


Our mentoring programs are designed for Highly Motivated  Individuals who seek the tools necessary to direct them to a heightened  level of personal and professional fulfillment.

Our Programs are designed for  those who choose to polish their professional skill in any or all of the following areas: 

  • Executive Facilitation of sensitive high level business discussions  
  • Clarification of professional direction, goals and values  
  • Clarification of personal direction, goals and values
  • Clarification of business direction, goals and values  
  • Aligning business models with personal goals and values  
  • Communication techniques  
  • Negotiation techniques  
  • Employee development techniques  
  • Conflict resolution techniques  
  • Leadership techniques for internal and external application  
  • Career transition and development  
  • Executive preparation and strategy techniques  
  • Feminine power enrichment in the workplace   

Life Fulfillment Coaching - For those who choose to master the quality and direction of their life. 

  • A Human Technology Transfer that teaches individuals a customized set of Self-Wisdom and Original Thinking  techniques via one on one coaching and mentoring. These committed  individual learn to identify, understand and integrate the five realms  of their personal power while developing a life construction strategy  that honors their uniqueness. 
  • This coursework gently and playfully guides the  individual through the realms of Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Life  Force and Spiritual Being that constitutes the whole human Self. As a  result of this exploration one discovers the untapped strengths and  unseen “gaps” in their personal human skill set. 
  • In partnership we create current life strategies that  introduce and strengthen your confidence, command and conscious  application of these self honoring skills.

Self-Honoring : 

  • Phase 1 - Sets the groundwork for the development of a solid life fulfillment strategy
  • Phase 2 - This integration allows individuals to create and self-sustain a deeply satisfying, joyful and balanced life.   

Each individual who consciously chooses and applies  Self-Wisdom and Original Thinking techniques to create a life of  fulfillment heals many.

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 "The professional who possess the broadest repertoire of skilled  responses to any given situation not only survives, they thrive."
-M.P. Sherman